Wave Rider Ripple Silicone Probe

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Dive into incredible sensations with the Wave Rider™ Ripple, a G-probe that's expertly designed for extraordinary pleasure. Its distinctive wavy texture is crafted to maximize stimulation, ensuring each encounter is as thrilling as it is memorable. The undulating design enhances every touch, offering a journey of intense and satisfying exploration.

Made from high-quality liquid Silicone, this probe boasts exceptional softness and smoothness. Durable and waterproof, it invites adventures in various environments, pushing the boundaries of pleasure. The gentle curve of the Wave Rider™ Ripple is designed to flex and move with your body, providing a comfortable, natural feel that heightens every sensation.

Equipped with a sturdy, low profile suction cup base, the probe offers versatility in play. It fits most harnesses effortlessly, broadening the possibilities for solo or partnered exploration. The suction cup securely attaches to smooth surfaces, ensuring stability and allowing for a variety of positions.

Wave Rider™ Ripple is ideal for those looking to enrich their intimate moments with sensual fulfillment.

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