Note to our shoppers: WE DO NOT OFFER SHIPPING on orders. Items are available for pick-up in-store ONLY. If you have a friend or family member who is willing to pick up your order and ship it to you, that's ok! Just make sure you enter THEIR information as the person who will be picking up the order.


We are now offering online ordering for IN STORE PICK UP ONLY! NO SHIPPING!!! Instructions are as follows:

  • Place your order online, being sure to enter the name of the person who will be picking the order up, and pay through the PayPal portal (you do not need to have a PayPal account, just provide your payment details to them)
  • Receive "order confirmed" email or text
  • Wait until you receive "order ready for pickup" email or text
  • Visit the store during our business hours (listed on our Contact Us page) and come to the front desk.
    • We will ask for ID, both for security/fraud prevention, AND for age verification purposes -- we cannot legally allow anyone under the age of 18 in the store, and we generally do not have the staff levels to provide curbside pickup. So please bring your ID with you!
    • We will find your order based on order number, name on the order, or phone number/email address that you attached to the order when you placed it, then verify by ID that you are the person whose name is on the order.
  • We will already have added batteries for battery-operated items, and turned on any powered items to make sure they function properly. However, we encourage customers to take the opportunity to view items out of their packaging, turn them on yourself and make sure you're happy with how they work. Once products leave the store, they CANNOT come back!

We acknowledge that our website is still in the last stages of development. We thank you for your patience as we continue to work on improving the types and amounts of items listed, as well as the accuracy and content of individual product listings. Images may be outdated as we access suppliers' databases and update old product listings. We are especially working on making sure stock amounts are listed correctly; if you have questions about a particular item's stock, features, or expected availability, please feel free to give us a call at 410-939-6505, and our front desk associates will do their best to assist you. Unfortunately, at this time, we cannot guarantee that stock numbers are accurate, and so if you place an order for products that we do not have, we will refund individual items, cancel your order and provide a full refund, or contact you to discuss substitution options. (The exception to this is products like the Zero Tolerance Girl Love All Girl Hardcore Playing Cards and Bucked Wrangler Hybrid Masturbation Cream, for which NO refunds are offered; please read the product description on that page for more information.)

Again: just like in-store purchases, we give you batteries for every toy that needs them, and make sure that all battery-powered, rechargeable, and mains-powered toys turn on and operate! You're guaranteed to get a functioning toy when you purchase from Jacki's. The reason that we do this is because Maryland Law does NOT allow us to accept returns, refunds, or exchanges, for ANY reason, once items leave the store! We understand it's disappointing to purchase an item and discover that it doesn't work; that's why we do everything we can to make sure we send you home with products that work properly and are in good condition. Please take the opportunity at the time of pickup to view items out of the package, make sure the size and color and material is to your satisfaction, and double-check that they function to your expectations. Once items leave the store, your ONLY recourse for malfunctioning or defective products is to contact the manufacturer for a replacement -- we CANNOT help you once you walk out the door!

If you would rather us not open/check products from your online order, there is an "Order Notes" field in your Shopping Cart. You can write instructions in there to let our clerks know to not open your items until you arrive. Please note that if you choose to not have your items tested before you leave with them, we still cannot offer any kind of recourse in the event that a product is defective or doesn't work.