Super-Strong Rechargeable Power Wand Wireless

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I'm the original shape adored by intensity-craving pleasure seekers, with a modern twist: I'm completely wireless for absolute freedom. I have a soft, dramatically flexible head that effortlessly targets desired body areas and and easily maneuvered shape. Delivering ultra-deep, headboard-rattling stimulation right from the first mode, I feature 20+ frequencies of toe-curling vibration and 8 speed strengths. 12.5 inches x 2.25 inches at largest point.

Note from Jacki's: this toy is available to us under 2 different branding lines, Voodoo and Shibari, but made by the same company. To keep accurate stock with different barcodes, we've created 2 selection options. It's the same product in both packages, so both of the available choices are the same product inside different boxes :)

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