Magic Wand Micro HV-60 Rechargeable Silicone Multispeed Vibration Massager

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You may look at the Micro and wonder how it can possibly represent a brand that so famously symbolizes power -- then you’ll turn it on and have all your answers. Impossibly powerful, this multi-function, multi-speed massager is a Magic Wand® through and through. Same quality, same pleasure, same magic.
Powered by a USB-C rechargeable battery, the Micro’s high-capacity motor can hit speeds of up to 6,500 RPM of shockingly deep vibrations. Like its larger relatives, the Magic Wand Micro features the famous soft, silicone head and flexible neck to comfortably transfer its power to wherever you choose.
Unquestionably a #truemagicwand, the mighty Magic Wand Micro offers up to 3 hours of run time on a single charge, all controlled by two intuitive push buttons.
The Magic Wand Micro. Power. Pocket Sized.
Authentic, ultra-compact version of the famous Magic Wand®
Surprisingly powerful, deep “magic” vibrations
Rechargeable battery with up to 3 hours run time on full charge
Powerful, high-capacity motor & intuitive controls
Soft, silicone head and flexible neck
Three power levels going up to 6,500 RPM
Four vibration patterns
1-year warranty

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