Lux Fetish Collar & Nipple Clamps

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Tease or delightfully torture your sexy slave with this perfect combo for intense nipple stimulation and bondage play.

Fans of nipple stimulation know the thrill of the sensual sting of a nipple clip. The Lux Fetish Collar and Nipple Clips focus all of the attention on the wearer’s upper body. The fully adjustable collar makes this accessory especially couples-friendly, as both partners are able to experience the pleasure of BDSM. Attached by a lengthy chain, the nipple clips are fully adjustable as well to ensure that you get the perfect pinch that you’re craving. The tips of the clips are coated with a soft rubber that feels comfortable as they grip to your nipples. You’ll love the sensation of the cool chain as it dangles across your chest. Especially when paired with the included blindfold, this collar and nipple clips set will take your sensation play to the edge.

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