FemmeFunn Dioni Silicone Rechargeable Super-Strong Finger Vibe - Deep Indigo

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TWO SIZES to fit different fingers! Small size measures 4.67" in length and 1.38" from ribbed "fingertip" side to the back of the knuckle; Large size measures 5" in length and 1.53" thick. Dioni's finger pocket is created by a layer of stretchy silicone, creating a strong hold on your finger while allowing for comfort.


Dioni was designed to transform your finger into the ultimate pleasure instrument. By harmoniously blending human interaction and electrifying vibrations, Dioni bridges the gap between technology and touch.


Equipped with a super powerful motor exclusive to FemmeFunn, Dioni delivers sensational performance. The 20 vibrating modes and the boost function help build the pleasure up.


Conveniently fitting right over your finger, this ergonomically shaped vibrator gives you targeted stimulation to amp up a solo play or add new exciting sensations while touching your partner.


Splashproof and wireless, Dioni adds fun to sex, integrating vibration into the ‘touch’ that feels almost natural and is yet so much better than the natural one!

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