BJ Blast  -  Green Apple

BJ Blast - Green Apple

The worlds only fizzing popping bursting exploding ORAL SEX CANDY Just sprinkle some in your mouth and go down for the ride of their life. Each packet contains enough to share the fun
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Product Features:

  • Color
    : Apple
Manufacturer: Pipedream
Not what I expected. Feels more like a bunch of tiny pinches than what I imagined. For two bucks it's funny candy, kinda tasty might buy again as a snack, but it's not going on my penis. --

It has a good taste and the name is hilarious. Its a good fun gift or giveaway but I'm not too fond of the actual sensation. Fun to try though. --

I bought one of these for myself and a friend. I thought the name BJ Blast was pretty funny. Didn't care for the taste I felt like it was mostly sugar not enough popping boyfriend didn't care for the sensation but after talking to a few people about it, it really depends on the person if they like the feel or not. My friends husband loved it but you could get the same sensation (if not more so) with regular pop rocks. Make sure its washed off before intercourse you don't want that sugar anywhere near your genitals during sex it wont end well. --

Upon using this product, I was skeptical as I imagined that it would be painful and possibly pose a choking hazard. After using the product, I discovered that it takes so much of the work out of oral. Wonderful product that I suggest any woman tired of preforming oral give a chance. --

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